Introducing the RXV™ Series Friction Feeders - robust, economical, and innovative with a New Patented feeding technology. The RXV Series is the perfect solution for smaller runs and lighter jobs. Our new patented feeding technology adds innovation and simplicity, making the RXV easily integrated. Available for inserter product staging, 
jumbo inserters, continuous/IJ feeding applications, and on-demand product feeding.  All models come standard with combination Friction and Vacuum Belt.  Just add Vacuum Source when needed!

Why spend money fixing your old feeder when you can get a new one for less?

Built-in versatility provides the flexibility to feed the widest variety of material types, sizes, and thicknesses and can run intermittently without making equipment adjustments or performing product changeovers. Just load the product and power on - it's that simple! This includes sheets, forms, plastic cards, postcards, envelopes, folded documents (including open edge), brochures, and much more.

RXV™ Features

  • Tool-less setup, easy adjust feeder

  • Remarkably low-cost feeder series

  • Vacuum Belt in Every Model

Your Benefits

  • Extremely Versatile and easy to setup

  • Quickest payback and ROI

  • Greater Versatility - Run Glossy & Coated Products

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