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About Us

Superior Product Handling Solutions, Inc.

Superior-PHS, founded in 2005, is dedicated to the hard work it requires to be the acknowledged leading provider of batch counting, kitting/collating, and literature/document fulfillment solutions. Superior provides the industry's most robust, easy to operate, versatile, and cost effective equipment and integrated system solutions.  Superior can provide quick payback (often under 3 months) solutions for any size company, application, or market. 

The Superior Team

"Be the best; work with the best!"

The foundation of Superior-PHS was built by industry professionals with 25+ years of experience behind each. Positions in customer relations, engineering, product development and customer service came together from industry leading companies to start Superior-PHS with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.  The company goal was and remains the same today:  "produce the best product in the market, build it to last 25 plus years, and provide industry leading support." 

Our passion is to find cost-effective solutions for increasing profits through efficient and productive automated systems. "We're not here to sell equipment; we're here to find our customer's the best solutions to provide  immediate productivity and a quick payback". Whether you're a startup operation or Fortune 500 company, we look forward to providing you with an economical solution for increasing your productivity through automation.

A Superior Product Line

"Our equipment is designed with versatile, robust, modular, and simple-to-operate features in the blueprints."


Since inception, Superior-PHS has produced several product lines including Xtreme XM Series Friction Feeders, the CHAMPION line of Collating Base ConveyorsVictory Droppers Batch Count Systems, and High Speed Collation Systems. We offer a variety of standard system configurations for ink-jet printing, batch counting and accumulating, wrapping and banding system integration, and much more. The Superior product line is completely modular and can be configured into over a 1,000 different integrated functions to meet your requirements for automating new or existing production processes.

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