Superior-PHS Droppers eliminate the need for off-line counting, stacking, spearing, and weighing of product. Stacks are neatly batch counted/bundle stacked into the dropper and dropped onto an existing flighted/lugged conveyor and delivered to finishing systems such as wrappers/sealers, banders, or cartoners.

Superior-PHS offers four different Dropper styles: Bombay Door (BD), Shutter Door (SD), Retractable Dropper (RD), and Rotary Star Wheel (RWS). Compare product features and benefits with the chart below to select the best dropper style for your application. Don't see what you need? Contact us to speak with a solution engineer to determine the best solution for you.

*RD Dropper is available in up to 12", 20" and 30" wide product feeding in air actuated or non air actuated.
**See the PrintStar for RSW application example.

The BD Dropper is available as a standalone option to be mounted to a conveyor and used with different feeder models.

As a cost-effective alternative for inline batching and top and/or bottom sheet placement, the XM Reverse Tray can be used inline with a flighted/lugged conveyor to create up to 1/4" thick stacks (approximately up to 10 count).

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