Superior-PHS Droppers eliminate the need for off-line counting, stacking, spearing, and weighing of product. Stacks are neatly batch counted/bundle stacked into the dropper and dropped onto an existing flighted/lugged conveyor and delivered to finishing systems such as wrappers/sealers, banders, cartoners, and more.

Superior-PHS offers four different Dropper styles: Universal Bombay Door (BD),  Compact Shutter Door (SD), Versatile Retractable Dropper (RD), and Ultra High Speed Rotary Star Wheel (RSW). Contact us to speak with a solution engineer to determine the best solution for you.

See all the various droppers in action here

The BD Dropper is available as a standalone option to be mounted to a stand or conveyor and used with different feeder models or as a load station for manual entry (no need to place hands into a moving lugged conveyor).