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Terms & Definitions

All-in-One, Easy Adjust Wedge

Other feeders require multiple wedge options and require complicated setups in 3 directions for correct feeder operation. This requires operators  to be "Wedge Wizards" to know what wedge to use and how to set it up. With the Xtreme XM series feeders, you get everything you need and only need to move the wedge back and forth. 

Easy Access Controls

Easy-to-access, simple and intuitive operator controls that don't require training or manuals to figure out. Any operator can self-learn how to operate an Xtreme XM feeder in minutes. Other feeders require separate control boxes and complicated menu systems with hard to read panels. This requires the operator to walk around and get into position to read the panels and requires navigating layers of menus to make a simple change in the feeder. With Xtreme XM series feeders, you can change speed and batch count in a few seconds; not minutes like other feeders.

Electro-Mechanical Double Detect

Sensor stops the feeder and/or alerts operator when double or overlapped product occurs. Great feature to have and turn on when production quality is paramount.

Long Life Feed Belt

Other feeders require feed belt changes every 3 to 12 months depending on application and usage. Xtreme XM feeder customers, on average, are going over 3 years between belt changes. Many customers are getting 4 to 5 years before their first belt change. Xtreme XM feeders not only feed a wider range of product and feed more consistently, but they cost less to acquire and cost substantially less to operate than others.

No Adjust Discharge

Stop fiddling with 4, 6, or even 8 discharge adjustments. Self-adjusting discharge means easier setup and more consistent feeding for less downtime and greater production. This is one of the many features that make the XtremeXM series feeders the quickest and easiest to setup.

Rotating Gate

Uniform wear and no flat spots on separating rollers, great for all products and applications. Stationary gates and rollers require repeat adjustments to compensate for flat spots.  Feeders with stationary gates require routine "tweaking" and in general are not consistent in performance.

Vacuum Assist Feeding

Aids in product separation and securing the product during transit. You don't always need vacuum, but when you do, it is a life saver. Xtreme XM series feeders are the only feeders on the market to come standard with Vacuum Assist. Just add a vacuum source and keep your production line running at full speed. Essential for consistent feeding of any glossy or coated products.

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