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Versatile Friction Feeding Solutions

The Superior-PHS line of friction feeders are known for their versatility, robustness, modularity, and simplicity. They can easily be integrated to any new or existing processes. Gain real value and maximum productivity. Why would you go anywhere else?

Great for feeding products such as: papers/forms, greeting and novelty cards, plastic cards, envelopes, brochures, magazines, collapsed cartons, folded and open edge documents, tri-fold and Z-fold documents, blister cards, die cuts, and much more.

Feeder models for products up to 9-inches wide

Batch Count (Sub-Batch, Job Batch), One-Shot/On-
Max Speed: 200 ft/min
Max Count: 

  Sub-Batch: 999 pieces

  Job Batch: 9,999 pieces

Products: 3" to 9" wide

Feeder models for products up to 20-inches wide

CX-20 Series
One-Shot, and Continuous Run Modes
Max Speed: 200 ft/min
Products: 4" to 20" wide 

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