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General Terms & Conditions

Lead Times

All lead times are based from receipt of deposit. Superior-PHS will make every effort to meet or exceed its estimated lead times/delivery dates; however, delays due to external factors beyond our control, such as vendor delays and delay due to natural disasters and/or weather may extend promised lead times.

Order Cancellation Prior to Shipment

Due to the cost of processing orders and the cost of materials and inventory, Superior-PHS charges a minimum 20% order cancellation fee on all cancelled orders for standard product.  Custom build and build-to-order equipment and systems may have a higher cancellation rate and the rate may escalate each month from receipt of order.  The cancellation fee and rate schedule varies with the amount of custom and project work required for the equipment or system.  The highest cancellation fees for a custom designed system is 50% if cancelled in first 30 days from receipt of order, 85% if within first 60 days, 95% if within 90 days, and 100% if over 90 days.  Your system proposal may detail the cancellation.  Your system proposal may, but not necessarily, include the cancellation fee schedule.  If it does not, please inquire and we will provide.



Superior-PHS does not accept returns for ordered items. Superior-PHS makes every effort to ensure that products shipped are right for their application. Superior-PHS requests detailed application specifications and test samples which we review and test prior to proposing a solution. Superior-PHS provides the opportunity for each customer to inspect, test, and accept their product prior to shipment from the factory. Any issues customers have can be addressed prior to shipment. If a customer waives the opportunity to inspect and test their product prior to shipping, the customer automatically accepts the product.

***The above terms and conditions are in addition to any and all other terms and conditions as part of equipment proposals and orders.***

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