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Batch Counting & Accumulating Solutions

Batch counting solutions by Superior-PHS are a great way to automate the counting, batching, placing and/or stacking products such as: paper,forms, greeting and novelty cards, plastic cards, envelopes, brochures, magazines, collapsed cartons, folded and open edge documents, tri-fold and z-fold documents, blister cards, die cuts, and much more. These systems are highly modular and can be used near or inline with your finishing process.

We can provide thousands of different system configurations so if you need assistance configuring the best solution or can't find what you're looking for, contact us to speak with a solution engineer about your application requirements.

XM-BT System
Great for automating the counting process. Product is counted and collected in the batching tray to be removed manually.
Popular entry level solution

XM Batch Count Collating Systems
Includes XM Feeder with Victory Dropper and Champion Flighted Conveyor. Fully automated batch counting system to be used inline with finishing systems such as wrappers, banders, and more. 
Fully automated solution

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