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XM-BT System: Automated Counting Solution


Popular Entry-Level Solution for Automating Your Counting Process

The XM-BT System is a semi-automated offline system that eliminates manual hand counting, scale weighing, and spearing. The XM-BT system setup is designed to count out a set number per stack. Stacks are neatly fed into the Batching Tray to be removed manually for your finishing process such as banders, strappers, wrappers, etc. This will trigger the next batch count cycle - a simple solution for automating your manual counting process. 
Add a barcode reader/scanner for variable counts on demand!
The roll around system can be used throughout your production, packaging, and mail fulfillment areas to prepare stacks for your finishing process.

PDF Documents

XM-BT System Brochure

Watch Videos Here

Great for counting paper products and substrates such as:

Paper • Cards • Envelopes • Greeting and Novelty Cards • Stationery • Scrapbook Paper • Invitations • Specialty Bags • Brochures • and much more

No more hand counting! No more scale weighting! No more spearing! No more messy stacks!  


Includes: (standard) Xtreme XM Batch Count Feeder, BT-II Batching Tray, Adjustable Mounting Stand, Pivot Mount Assembly, and Trigger Photo Sensor
Reference chart right
Product Sizes: (standard) 3"W x 5"L - 12"W x 12"L
(Other sizes available. See XM-20u and XM-30u for product up to 20" and 30" wide, respectively.)
Product Stack Height: 20"
Accumulation Thickness: up to 3"
Utilities Requirement: 115 vac - 6.25A - 60Hz

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