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Xtreme XM-30 UltraTM Wide Format Friction Feeder


The Xtreme XM-30u feeder is a batch counting and one-shot solution for products up to 30" wide! This feeder provides dependable high-speed batch-counting and consistent performance with the fastest servo fed motor on the market. The robust design provides years of service and even maintenance maximizing uptime and productivity. Great for corrugated material, collapsed cartons, die cuts, posters, bags, and other large substrate products.

Video Demonstrations Here


 XM-30u Brochure
 XM-30u Product Manual

(Lower left) Dual powered separators allow for product feeding from 3" to 30" wide. (Lower right) XM-30 Ultra with 30" x 24" Victory Retractable Dropper for inline collating, kitting and batch counting - the largest feeder/dropper combo on the market! 


Product Sizes: 2"W x 3"L - 30"W x 12"L (Optional 24" length available)
Maximum Speed: 750 ft/min
Maximum Count: 99,999 pieces
Product Stack Height: 20"
Product Thickness: .003" - .750"
Utilities Requirement: 230 vac - 6/3A - 50/60Hz

Accessories Included

  • Triggger Sensor Assembly

  • Small Product Wedge Extension

  • Pivot Mount (with Adjustable Mounting Stand

  • External Interface Cable

Optional Accessories

  • Burn-Thru Double Piece Thickness Detector

  • Rear Large Roller Wedge Assembly

  • Auto-Trigger Control Feature

  • Wedge Rail Extension Kit (for longer products)

  • Inline Mounting Kit

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