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Shipping Information and FAQs

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Superior-PHS makes every effort to ensure your order arrives safely and on-time. All shipping, freight, and crating charges will be the responsibility of the customer and will be billing on the final invoice. You can direct any additional shipping inquiries to

What options are available for shipping?

Superior-PHS utilizes UPS for commercial package shipments. The customer will incur all shipping charges for their orders and warranted replacement parts, including duties and taxes for international orders. Superior-PHS also utilizes a broker for all domestic and international freight shipments including LTL, air freight, and cargo shipments, scheduled by Superior-PHS. Customers that choose to coordinate their own freight shipment must submit a bill of lading prior to the pickup.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Superior-PHS does ship internationally. However, all orders must be paid-in-full including shipping, handling, and, if applicable, crating costs prior to the release of shipment outside of the US and Canada. The customer is also responsible for duties and taxes where applicable.

May I pick up my order to save on shipping?

Yes, you may choose to pickup your order in order to avoid shipping charges. Customers can choose to submit their UPS account numbers to complete their order and/or arrange their own freight shipment in order to control their shipping costs. A bill of lading must be submitted by the customer to Superior-PHS prior to pickup. If your equipment is crated to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment, you will incur a crating charge.  Request a quote for the crating charge for your shipment.

What are your shipping hours?

Dock service is available from 7am to 3:30pm CST. Orders filled after 2pm during normal business hours will be scheduled for shipment the following business day.

Does Superior-PHS provide on-site equipment installation/training?

Yes, Superior-PHS will provide on-site installation and training for newly purchased equipment. Superior-PHS will establish a standard rate per day for all preschedule out of town service, training, or support calls which includes travel expenses. As an alternative, customers are encouraged to come to Superior-PHS and be trained on their equipment at our facility.

What are the rates for service and support labor?

Standard rates for service and support requiring air travel.  Rate includes all travel expenses.

  • 1 Day Only: $2,500 per technician.

  • 2 or More Days: $1,800 per day per technician.

Standard rates for service and support labor for local auto travel are as follows:

Onsite labor rates

Above travel rates are for door-to-door time which includes billing for auto travel time at these rates. Rates are billed by the hour and apply to any portion of the additional hour. After hours and weekend support must be contracted for in advance. Superior-PHS does not provide standard after hours support availability.

Phone Support Rates are the same as in the On-site Labor Rate Table above. Rates are billed by the 15 minute increment and apply to any portion of the additional 15 minute increment. After hours and weekend phone support must be contracted for in advance. Superior-PHS does not provide standard after hours phone support availability. Any support call might happen to be taken after hours or on weekends that was not contracted for in advance will be billed an additional $150 surcharge per call.

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