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Batch Count Collating Solutions

Includes: (standard) Xtreme XM High-Speed Feeder, Victory BD or SD Dropper with stand, Adjustable Mounting Stand, Pivot Mount Assembly, and Trigger Photo Sensor
Product Sizes: (standard) 4"W x 4"L - 12"W x 12"L (Other sizes available. See XM-20u and XM-30u for product up to 20" and 30" wide, respectively.)
Product Stack Height: 20"
Accumulation Thickness: up to 2"
Utilities Requirement: Feeders - 115 vac - 6A - 60Hz. Dropper - 115 vac - 2A 60Hz - 80psi compressed air. Collator base - 115vac - 10A - 6Hz.

Fully Automated Counting and Stacking System

BD Systems (Batch Drop) are fully automated to count, stack and deliver your paper and related products to finishing systems such as wrappers, tunnels, L-bar sealers, banders, and more. Each feeder/dropper station along the conveyor line is designed to count and stack product. Add a stand alone XM-1 feeder for top sheet or backer card placement. Shown left: BD-2 with stand alone XM-1. Right: BD-1

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System Configurations

The system includes a CHAMPION Fighted Conveyor with versatile and modular features that allow you to easily integrate to your existing system processes. Adding multiple feeder/dropper stations is ideal for batch counting one or more unique sets simultaneously, or breaking up a large count set with multiple feeders.

Shown bottom left: BD System with 20" wide feeders and RD Dropper. Shown bottom right: BD-8 with SD Droppers.

Comes standard with Bombay Dropper (BD) or Shutter Dropper (SD) option. Retractable Dropper (RD shown at top) is available. See Dropper page for comparisons.

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