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Maxim RX-12c Continuous Friction Feeder


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RX-12c Brochure

The Maxim RX-12c is a Continuous Mode feeder. Unit comes with a start/stop interface cable (dry contact). When feeder is turned on, the belts will turn at the variable speed setting until start/stop interface is closed or feeder turned off. This operating mode typically used in-line with flat belt or vacuum conveyors for inkjet printing, labeling, tabbing, etc. Includes Roller Support Wedges for products greater than 6"L.  Only IJ feeder that comes standard with vacuum belt and manifoldRevolutionary Patented Feeding Technology.

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Adjustable Mounting Stand
Below: Maxim RX-12c inline on ink-jet base system.

Product Sizes: 2"W x 3"L - 12"W x 12"L 
Maximum Speed: 400 ft/min
Product Stack Height: 16"
Product Thickness: .004" - .375"
Utilities Requirement: 115 vac - 3A - 50/60Hz

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