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Versatile Friction Feeding Solutions

Earn real value and maximum productivity. These robust, powerful workhorses are built for 24/7 production environments. With the most standard operating features, it is not only the best value on the market, the XM series is the most versatile, reliable, and robust feeder in the world!

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Xtreme XM Series Feeders | Versatile, Robust, Modular
CX Series Feeders | Versatile, Economical, Innovative

The most economical, cost-effective, and versatile feeder series on the market! The Patented feeding technology adds innovation and simplicity. Max speed: 200 ft./min.

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Collating and Kitting Solutions

Use any XM  model for your one-shot collating and kit fulfillment applications. Customize 2 to 100 stations long.  Kit from 2 x 3" to 22 x 24" size products!

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Single Shot Collating | Configured To Fit Your Needs and Budget
collator base.png
Batch Count Collating | Industry Leading Technology and Value

From simple-to-complex system integrations, Superior Batch Count Collators provide economical solutions for increasing count, stack, and collating applications. Integrate with banders, wrappers/sealers, auto L-bar systems and more for a turnkey finished product.

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Batch Counting Solutions
Batch Counting | Inline, Offline

Everything you need to collect, stack, and/or jog your product inline for the finishing process, or offline batch counting.

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Conveying Solutions
Flighted/Lug Infeeds | Modular, Robust

Extremely modular flighted conveyor options include 6’ and 8’ length. Extremely robust.  Designed for over 25 years of operation.  2, 4, and 6 inch lugs and side guide options.  Multiple motor options available to meet your speeds and requirements. 

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Line Card Superior-PHS Products

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