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XM-1200c with Vacuum Transport


This turnkey system is designed for continuous, one shot, and batch count product feeding with the 24 inch long by 18 inch wide vacuum transport, for top and/or bottom: code and graphics printing, barcode/UPC code reading, date/lot code scanning, labeling, print verification, and more.

Product is securely and consistently fed all the way through. The compact footprint is great for conserving floor space.

We can combine any of our feeder models with the 2 foot vacuum transport. We can also provide vacuum tables in other lengths (up to 12 foot) and widths (up to 30 inches) to meet application specifications.


Contact us for pricing and your application requirements.

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   PDF Documents

   XM-88 Brochure
   Vacuum Extension Parts Guide


System Includes: Xtreme XM-1200C (or other models) Continuous Friction Feeder, 24" Vacuum Transport, Vacuum Generator, and Adjustable Mounting Stand
Product Sizes: 2"W x 2"L to 12"W x12"L (other lengths available)
Speed: Variable up to 850 ft./min
Product Stack Height: 20"
Product Thickness: .003" to .750"

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