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Xtreme XM-1200 Versatile Friction Feeder

xm1200 side white.png

With a sleek design and compact footprint, the new Xtreme XM-1200 series delivers greater performance in high speed batch counting, one-shot, and continuous product feeding applications for inline use with shrink-wrapping and polybagging, or individual offline batch counting.
Available in multiple configurations, add one or more XM-1200's inline for batch counting and collating applications. The very compact footprint makes this solution easily integrated to maximize productivity and generate superior ROI!


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XM1200 Brochure Here

Product Sizes: 3"L x 2"W - 12"L x 13"W
Maximum Speed: 350 ft/min
Maximum Count: 9,999 pieces
Product Thickness: .005" - 1"

Available Configurations:

XM-1200d: One-shot, Continuous

XM-1200bc: One-shot, Batch Count, Continuous

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