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New RXSD Batch Count and Collating Systems


RXSD-3 with SmartCount™ Pack 

Innovative Patent Pending Feeding Technology

Enjoy all the benefits of a fully automated batch counting system without breaking the bank! Add one or multiple feeder/dropper stations to the line to create collated batches of your product. Easily integrates with banders, wrappers/sealers, or cartoners. Utilizing the new Maxim RX-12bc feeder makes it the most economical solution on the planet!

Batch count 1 to 9999 pieces per station. Add a RX-12d for top sheet or backer card placement or a SmartCount™ Pack for production display and data/throughput tracking (shown below).

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RXSD-1 with Tracker™ Pack TR-1


System Components include: Maxim RX-12bc Feeder, Victory SD Dropper, Height Adjustable Mounting Stand, 6' Champion L-12 Flighted Conveyor (1-3 stations), and System Integration & Testing
Utilities: 115 vac for feeder and conveyor - 80 psi for dropper


RXSD-1 System Total: $16,950
RXSD-2 System Total: $27,950
Optional SmartCount™ Pack: $1,095
Contact us for additional configurations

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