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XM Feeder Accessories & Options

Superior-PHS XM series feeders come with many great standard operating features and accessories including Electro-Mechanical Double Piece Detect, External Interface Cable, Trigger Sensor Assembly, Small Product Wedge Extensions, Vacuum Assist, and much more.

Take your operation to the next level with the Superior-PHS line of accessories and options. Customize your process with any of the options below. Speak to a member of Superior-PHS sales professional for more information on accessorizing your Xtreme XM feeder.

Adjustable Mounting Stand
Designed with locking swivel casters and low-toe profile for mobility on the production floor. Available in 30-40" adjustable and 40-50" adjustable heights. 


Batch Droppers (Bundle Stackers)
Eliminate the need for off-line product counting and batching. Add a Dropper inline to automate batching and stacking of product over an existing flighted/lugged conveyor. A Dropper automatically drops counted stacks onto the moving conveyor. Available in Bombay, Shutter, Retractable, and Rotary Star Wheel™ styles. 

Wedge Rail Extension Kit
Required for products longer than 12"L. Designed to support longer product stack height and feed during transit. Available in two sizes: products up to 18"L and products up to 27"L.

Optional Right Side Feeder Control Panel
Superior-PHS adds the versatile left or right feeder control panel option depending on your production floor space/setup. Operators can avoid walking around any obstacles to reach the control panel.

NEW Carriage Jig
The Carriage Jig is a tool designed to help you change Xtreme XM feeder belt in a matter of minutes. Simply remove the carriage holder, swap out the belts, and use the Carriage Jig to hold all the shafts in place and slide the carriage holder back in place...effortlessly! 

Burn-Thru Double Piece Thickness Detector
Used to detect double feeds of thin paper type products. The device will measure the double piece thickness and stop the feeder. 

Mounting Kit, Inline Adjustable
Mount feeder inline on any flighted/lugged conveyor top - used in lieu of the adjustable mounting stand. Easy adjust and quick detach.

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