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Bulk Load Conveyors - Automatic Feeder Loading Solutions

Superior-PHS Bulk Load Conveyors reduce the frequency of reloading product  and increase the capacity of each feeder’s hopper.  Bulk Load Conveyors reduce manual labor, increase R.O.I., and maximize efficiency & system productivity.

Available in standard lengths of 2’, 3’, 4’ 6’, 10’, and 12’, Superior-PHS Bulk Load Conveyors mount directly to the feeder.  Adjustments for different product lengths are easily performed with built in locking handles and guide rollers for smooth and repeatable positioning.  Custom lengths are available, contact us to learn more.  A photo-sensor mounted in the hopper of the feeder automatically starts and stops the Bulk Load Conveyor while maintaining a consistent stack height of product.

PDF Documents


Technical Guide


Product Sizes:
Minimum: 3"W x 4"L (smaller options available)

Maximum: 12"W x 14"L (larger options available)


Variable speed, On/Off, Forward, Reverse

115vac, 5A

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