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RX-9S Staging Friction Feeder


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RX-9S Brochure


The Maxim RX-9s is a Staging Mode feeder. It comes with one single photocell to stage the piece to the photocell, so when photocell is blocked, motor stops. The feeder then requires something else to remove the piece, like an inserter gripper jaw, vacuum cup arm, robotic arm, nip wheel, or by hand for fulfillment applications. When piece is removed and photocell is unblocked, the motor starts until next piece blocks photocell.  

Unit can also run in Continuous Mode. When photocell is pointed up and away, so it is never blocked, feeder can run continuously at the set variable speed. In this operating mode it is typically used in-line with flat belt or vacuum conveyors for inkjet printing, labeling, tabbing, laser printing, etc. 

Optional vacuum belt and manifold available.  Very east to set-up and operate.  Extremely versatile in range of products it can feed. 

Watch Videos Here

Includes: Photo Sensor.  Order Optional Spring Clips If Using with Inserters

RX-9s shown below staging product on an inserter

Product Sizes: RXV9s - 2"W x 3"L - 8.75"W x 6"L (Optional lengths available). RXV-12cs - 2"W x 3"L - 12"W x 12"L
Maximum Speed: 400 ft/min
Product Stack Height: 16"
Product Thickness: .004" - .375"
Utilities Requirement: 115 vac - 3A - 50/60Hz

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