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Modular Flighted Conveyors

For Auto L-Bar Wrappers, Collator Lines, Banding Systems and more

Designed to increase speed and maximize automatic L-sealer production lines while economically simplifying the process of gathering and transporting collated sets of materials. The flight/lug carriers are driven by a dual-chain that allows the flight pin to advance all the way to the end of the conveyor and disappear vertically. This unique feature allows the material to transfer without disrupting the stack integrity.

Easy-to-adjust material guide rails accommodate a wide variety of product types and thicknesses. The high-quality robust design of the Flighted Conveyor will provide long, durable, and reliable operation, requiring little maintenance. See sample configurations below.

PDF Documents


Technical Guide

Interface with wrappers/sealers

Batch Counting Base

Multiple Batch Counting System

Collator Base

Flighted Conveyor

Wide Format Collator Base

(up to 26" wide product)

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