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CX-9QC Quality Control Batch Count Feeder


The CX-9QC is an indispensable quality control system to perform product count, product verification. It delivers the most versatile and highest quality counting solution to verify the product count of over 2,000 types of products.  It works extremely well for literature, documents, Mail-In Ballots, Absentee Ballot, paper ballot, gift cards, items of value, and much more. 

Extremely economical, with a sleek design, compact tabletop footprint, and built-in total piece counter, the CX-9QC delivers validated performance for piece count verification in any operation.

The CX-9QC will accurately count and provide an easily readable total count for a wide range of products.  The CX-9QC can also sub-batch (i.e. in 25’s, 50’s, 100’s, etc.) the products for ease of handling while providing an accurate total count.  You can utilize the CX-9QC with your own collection totes and trays, or it can come with the optional built-in, adjustable catch tray.

Most widely used as a Counting machine for ballots and Automated ballot counting.

You can also utilize the optional SmartCount Edge module to provide a secondary count validation and stream the count data to your in-house PC or server for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

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The CX-9 QC Feeder comes standard with: Easy adjust side guides and wedge, single knob gate adjustment, batch counter

   PDF Documents

   CX-9QC Series Brochure
   Footprint Drawing with Stand - Coming Soon


Accessories Included

  • Triggger Sensor Assembly

  • Vacuum Assist Manifold

Optional Accessories

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